Monday, December 26, 2011

Playing With Cool Application

Assalamualykum Wr Wb..

Hi Peps^^..
Actually it has has a long time since I meet this application.

A Preety sure, application to edit your picture. Promise me :p

Just now, I have time to play with tih cool program, it call

I just starting fall in love with it. hahahahaaa, my boyfriend should pay attention!!!!!

hmmm cs I think I'm going to spend many time with it. many many many..... >_< hahaha silly..-___-" I just really want to make some recomendations to all of you, maybe some of you still don't know about this program :) So for the first time maybe you can download it in:

or visit the Blog to

So this is the application look :D

The screen

And many efect that can you choose..

So because, I've free time today, I make mine to hahaha
Let's See what I made..

Ok peps,, I think thats all for today.. Hopely you like it...
Big Hug...
Stay tune, I'll share many info again heheh...

Friday, December 23, 2011

Facing Seminar Proposal

I've do nothing,,

I meet thesee paper all time all day. huaaaa

I've prepare my self..

To make my dream come true,, become Sarjana Kedokteran Gigi in september2012..

Just now..
What's on my mind is only.. finishing my

That's it..
Wish me Luck, friends :)

And Let me say happy mother'd day. to all beautiful mother in the world..

I love you Mom..
May Allah always love you and blessing you all time..
Miss You..

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Unbranded paris jilbab_Cardigan by Kickers_Unbranded square skirt_Ripcurl bag_Flowery dance Crocs flat..

Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Vela

Last friday is my friends Vela birthday. She celebrated in Pizza Ria Cafe Bolevard,Makassar.

We wishing all the best for you little Vela.. May Allah always blessing you. Amin..

Sorry because poor quality picture, it was only taken by Hp. hehe

At the time I wore
Jumputan Shawl by Dian Pelangi
Baloon Top by Dian Pelangi
Unbranded trouser
Handbag by Spyderbilt
Wedges by UP

Monday, November 28, 2011

Bismillah,Wellcome Skripsi-Be Nice Please:)

Fiuhhhh... finally I arrived in skripsi time. I can decribe what i feel right now.

I really woried,scared but happy to. I'm scared because we all know that many people are become strees because their skripsi :(, I hope I can pass it because, for me it means soo close to get my strata 1 graduation..

Sooo close to me become:

" Ian Afifah Sudarman, S.Kg"
hihiii amiinnnn

Just, pray for me please.

Okay, today I enter a new blok in this semester, now I'm in semester 5,with Biostatistik and Metode Penulisan Blok. In this blok we'll facing teory about how to write a skripsi.

So after we get the teory, we get a task to do whit it. Like tomorrow I'll get "Kuliah Judul" so after that I'll get task whic is about judul,it's means I'll consultate it whit my lecture,read: "Dosen Pembimbing Skripsi" huaaa Just unbelievable,and the output for this blok is "Proposal Penelitian" it means in five weeks again I'll be facing a Seminar Proposal and InsyaAllah in the next blok I'll facing the penelitian and strating to arranged my skiripsi....!!!!!!

So Funny while remembering when I'm still a new student, read: MABA(Mahasiswa Baru) but now I'm realy so close to my graduation, so wish me luck just keep support me yah..

Supaya Gag jadi kayak gini,,
Ato kayak gini...


See yaa..

Picture from

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dentist for Children

Yess, like the title, dentist for children, I'm going to share my wonderfull trip last friday..

I'm so lucky because can follow this event, we call this Baksos, (bakti sosial)like a charity for children.

In destistry we can give a assistance in the form of action such as tooth extraction, simple dental fillings or just premedicine give away.

This event was held in Kabupaten Wajo,Sengkang city.

Because me and my friend was still in S1 grade so we can't do that exercise like my senior do.

So we only help them to write down patient status, give a dental health education like how to brush your teeth in right way, and work to sterilization the equipment..

So this is the picture at the time, so sory I cant take the picture when the baksos held, because I was sooooo busy. So I just shared some narsis picture hehe...enjoy:)

Di depan bus India.. kita manggilnya bus India hahahhaaa. soalnya dah bobrok tapi seru naiknya :p

yesss I have a very nice trip.. a lot of experience and also a lot of friends.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy Idul Adha 1432H

Assalamu a'laykum WR WB.

Today is Idul Adha day, so first of all let me say, Minal Aidzin wal faidzin, mohon maaf lahir dan batin..

This is my 3rd Idul Adha in Makassar without my family.. hehe poor me. but never mind, in here I have grandma and my big family, and also my gery:) so I'll not felling lonely to long. heheee..

So hows your Idul Adha day? must be so fun right??

Why I say fun? because today there's no prohibition in eating meat. You can eat as much as you can hahahahaha There are so many kinds food made from meat asik asikkk,..but remember not to overdo it. meat can cause cholesterol and hypertension.

So thats my narsisme foto.. waktu datang ke rumah nenek. hehee... Purple-Stripe, alaah :p
and finally thank you so much for visiting my blog.

Selamat Hari Raya IDUL ADHA 1432H
Semoga kita senantiasa menjadi hambaNya yang selalu ikhlas dan bersyukur.
dan Kita semua digolongkan ke dalam golongan orangorang beriman penghuni surga kelak
amin ya rabbal alamin.

Ianafifah xoxo.... smoochhh :*